Biker X

Biker X D2 GT

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Sturdy liner lock, durable and grippy the handle is made of G10.

Total length: 22 cm

Made in Kizlyar, Russia

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    Biker X GT based on the popular Biker model X, it received a more aggressive design and has become even more interesting functionality. The knife is equipped with spherical bearings and the blade virtually flies itself when opening with the flipper, in addition, there is the inertial opening without fin – a quick shaking of hands. 

From the point of view of design, the axial screw in the form of a stylized motorcycle wheel, it’s still a biker. Reliable and easy left knife design. Sturdy liner lock, durable and grippy the handle is made of G10. 3D machining of linings not only makes the handle more easy grip but makes the knife look tough. 

Full bilateral Garda Biker X GT protects the hand when bonded to the strike and hints at the tactical thrust of this brutal folder. An important touch to new hidden clip for concealed carry in pocket.

Total length: 22 cm

Blade length: 9,5 cm

The thickness of the blade: 3 mm

The handle: G-10 

Steel: D2

The coating blade: gray titanium

Mechanism: Linear lock, cassette bearings

Made in Kizlyar, Russia