Cossack Dragoon officer’s sword model 1881

$ 285.00

The sword of the Cossack, a cavalry arr. 1881.

Handmade.    Made in Kizlyar Russia.     Perfectly sharpened.



Blade monocotyledons, made of stainless steel with suitable hardness and flexibility stigma. The sword is made with observance of all sizes and manufacturing techniques with long-bladed weapons.

The material of the blade: corrosion-resistant steel 65X13 (440). Conditioning training. 54-58 HRC

Handle material: Caucasian walnut, brass hilt and ring pommel, the handle is pulled together with a nut screwed onto the shank of the blade extending through entire handle.

Total length: to 1050 mm
Total length without sheath: 930 mm
Blade width: 30 mm
Blade thickness: 5 mm

Wooden scabbard covered with leather with brass tip, ring and mouth.

It is possible to manufacture the blade of Damascus steel. For questions write to email.

 All our samples are made to the exact dimensions and have excellent training in contrast to competition in which the hardness of the blade a maximum of 24-30 HRC

 Handmade.    Made in Kizlyar Russia.     Perfectly sharpened.