We deliver to many countries of the world:

North America – USA and Canada

All the countries of Europe, Israel, Hong Kong, Australia.

If you want to find out if we deliver to your country, then write to customer service and ask the Manager.



Your package we build and ship within 3-5 days after payment (if the item is not made to order).

Delivery time can range from 20 to 60 days from the date of payment.

In connection with specificity of the product the delivery time will depend on the customs work in your and our country.

If within 60 days you have not received your order, you have the right to demand the money back.



The exact cost of delivery is agreed with the Manager.

Example, one cossack shashka or sword in the USA costs $50.

But! We assume part of the cost of shipping our product!

So shipping to you will cost:

One shashka (long bladed weapons) – 20$

Two swords or a sword and dagger without box – 25$

A sword with a dagger in box – 35$

One dagger – 15$

One knife – 10$

For each following knife in one order 4$ (that is, 2 knife in the package will cost 14$)

For Australia shipping is more expensive than the one specified by $5.

Our store is solely responsible if your package is lost, damage in shipment, or will be returned to the seller by customs. We will refund your money!

For customs fees of the country of the buyer, the seller is not responsible! Before you make a purchase, please check the customs fees for this type of product in your country.


For orders more than 500 $ shipping FREE!!!

For Australia from a 600 $ order shipping is free!

Provide a service for the delivery of goods from Russia to other countries, if the seller refuses to send abroad. This service is negotiated individually. Write to customer service.